About Us

Hello fellow 2nd Amendment Supporter,

A few years back we promoted Pioneer Country Events, a Gun and Knife show held at the Mohave County Fairgrounds in Kingman,    AZ.   After 11 successful years we decided to retire and sold the show to High Desert Events.   This event holder is now no longer operational.   So, here we are back at it again!!

We are working hard to make Pioneer Country Events a successful endeavor once again, however we will need your help!

We strive to make our vendors happy as well as the public that comes thru the door! We want to be able to satisfy both guys and gals.  If your wives aren’t interested in guns or knives, there will be plenty of other vendors that will keep her interested! And both of you can enjoy browsing to your heart’s delight!

We have been a team for over twenty years and both enjoy working gun shows!!  Even on our wedding day we worked a gun show in Tulsa, Oklahoma!  We enjoy meeting like-minded people! During the years we have made a lot of good friends and met some very good people thru these gun shows. We look forward to making your acquaintance too!

We are thankful to each and everyone for helping us to make Pioneer Country Events a success!

Please call us for information and/or reservations 928/692-0937 or 928/530-0937.

Thank you!

Lon and Janet Carroll


Pioneer Country Events March Gun Show

Pioneer Country Events, LLC